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Copperdown III

by Copperdown

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Wake Up Mary 04:20
Wake up Mary, come back home and you’ll find that you’re not fooling anyone all your life, you feigned to roam Never far from where you started A gift to the broken-hearted Wake up Mary, say hello It seems like you’ve been sleeping far too long the day is later than you know all the flourishes once tasted have suddenly all been wasted Wake up Mary, take a bow and then figure where you’re gonna run to now When there’s nothing to say You keep on talking anyway where will you find shelter when the laughter dies away?
Butterfly In my cup Everything just stirs her up Hovers here Flutters there Alights on hobbled chairs Don’t look now she’s here to stay Every night she’s out on full parad Fragile one Just breathe slow It takes some time, you know Float away On the breeze Dispense with pleasantries Every move could spark a riot Every note she plays is right on tim There’s a fine line Through the disarray I’m walking it day by day Don’t look now, she’s gone away Late at night she makes her getaway Daylight shine on me
What would you think were I to tell you everything I hide Would you walk away from me or stay here by my side And are you looking for a soul to whom you can confide Would you fall in love with me, or just say goodbye And everything you do will all come back to you Rainbow fade away Another comes to take its place And every time that I get blown up on my own pride Something comes along and cuts me back down to size They sometimes a broken heart’s a blessing in disguise or so the story goes, and so do I And everything you do will all come back to you And every falling rainbow seems to catch us by surprise That’s the way it goes sometimes, don’t ask me why No more tears, now dry your eyes
Move into light Don't linger in the dark of night When all around you comes a steady roar Of people talking peace but craving war I will be with you I will be here Move into light Everything can change in the blink of an eye The ground below you seems to shift away Strength is fading day by day I will be with you I will be here No matter what may come your way Every moment is racing by And you are searching for a way back home I will be with you I will be here I'm not moving from this place
My Turn Now 03:07
All worries are tied up and taken away No more will you be overborne or feel their weight One day when all of the world was in bloom No warning on that very morning and I was consumed Count the number of your days Like a mist that vanishes Each moment will slip through your hands into space Hesitate and it’s gone from this place You lifted me when I was down I remember, and it’s my turn now
So Far Away 03:52
You’re fading away And I won’t follow you down Every time that I come near to you We break in two And every day we go another round Lover, can we talk? ‘Cause there are things we need to say Your heart light has grown dark And we're so far away from each other Impetuous You came on like a summer storm Now it seems you’re more like ice in spring Just lingering Each day more transmuted and transformed Lover, where’s your spark? You let it burn away Your heart light has grown dark And we're so far away from each other Every word, every move Taken discretely Comes back on you now Bundled somehow To wreck you completely Lover, can we talk? ‘Cause there are things we need to say Your heart light has grown dark And you don’t feel…. You don’t feel anything at all
Look around Tell me what you see You could drown In all the waves of trouble you found Don’t give in too easily Hold your ground Take some time, alleviate your mind There’s nowhere you need to run to now Everything in its time Look around Tell me what you see Waves of beauty Enough to fill your whole lifetime Shelter me in place Cover me in grace
Wheels on the pavement turning 
Pushing me down the road 
I had to get out of town to see
 How far into faraway I'd go
 And the moon was rising as the sun sank low I saw the scorching desert
 I saw the ice and snow 
I saw the starlit mountains
 And the beckoning forest, dark below Sometimes, when you're running You can circle back around In the hush of the evening
 I can hear a lonesome sound 

 If I had wings like a dove
 I'd fly to the wilderness
 And ask you to shelter me from myself
Feel Alive 04:20
I see blue sky See the sun and the moon and the stars And here am I, clinging to a beat up guitar So near, and so far away When the day breaks I’ll be lost in the Milky Way In stillness, in the rush of an evening breeze I’ll be lifted, as high or low as you please And I feel alive
No Goodbye 03:45
Breathe in and take it slowly Don’t rush it along Keep your calm A feeling, on the verge of deceiving Leave it alone And I can see that there is no goodbye From the light reflected in your eye FallIng to a dubious calling Don’t let it take hold You should know Waiting while the heat is abating Is the best way to go And if I seem to act surprised Don’t try to over analyze
Ghosts 03:37
There are ghosts in here Late at night they move around Sometimes when they get near They call to me without a sound Please, please, don't forget me now Shine the spotlight down How we think we've got it made On every head a crown In this drunken masquerade Everyone's greatest fear is to flicker and to fade Was it all just a moment in time With no reason or rhyme Sometimes, you feel so far away from here Still, it's clear I have no cause to feel forsaken Sometimes, I could use some inspiration


released November 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Copperdown Austin, Texas

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